My academic publications

Here you can find the complete list of research articles and book chapters published by myself in academic journals and edited books. You can also see my list of publications on Google Scholar, Researchgate and on the University of Birmingham official repository.

N.B.= Some of my articles are accessible via pre-print here on my website, but if you need a copy of one of my publications write me at

Journal articles

Gerosa, A. (2022). The hidden roots of the creative economy: a critical history of the concept along the twentieth century. International Journal of Cultural Policy, 28 (2), 131-144. Download the pre-print

Gerosa, A. (2021). Cosmopolitans of regionalism: dealers of omnivorous taste under Italian food truck economic imaginary. Consumption Markets & Culture24(1), 30-53. Download the pre-print

Gerosa, A., & Tartari, M. (2021). The Bottom-up Place Branding of a Neighborhood: Analyzing a Case of Selective Empowerment. Space and Culture, 12063312211032355. Link to the published version

Gerosa, A., & Giorgi, G. (2021). The Memetic Cult of Personality of Politicians During the Pandemic. Comunicazione politica22(3), 357-384. Link to the published version

Gerosa, A. (2019). Alcohol and the city: The logistics of alcoholic flows in urban transformations. Lo Squaderno. Link to Open Access version

Book chapters

Gerosa, A. (2022). The Resurgence of Craft Retailing. in The Artisan Brand, edited by Mulholland, J., Ricci, A., & Massi, M., pp. 193-208. Link to published version (email for a copy)

Gerosa, A., & Manzini Ceinar, I. (2022). New working spaces and COVID-19. In Mariotti, I, Di Marino, M, & Bednář, P. (Ed), The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Future of Working Spaces Routledge. Access the chapter (OA)

Gerosa, A., Manzo, C., & Pais, I. (2021). Il lavoro condiviso: la trasformazione degli spazi di coworking durante l’emergenza Covid-19. In R. Lodigiani (Ed.), MILANO 2021 Rapporto sulla città. Ripartire: il tempo della cura Franco Angeli. Link to Open Access version

Tartari, M., & Gerosa, A. (2020). Il quartiere NoLo, un caso di rebranding dal basso: tra creatività, innovazione sociale e criticità. In Costellazione Milano Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli. Link to Open Access Version

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